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Why Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day?

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day – once in the morning and before bed. While this has been common practice for most in the past, COVID-19 has brought a plethora of “rule breaking” and routine disrupting change during quarantine. With  working from home and homeschooling kids, life got a little crazy! As we get back to our normal routines and start to venture out more into the world, we wanted to share a few important reminders on why it’s best to get back into the routine of brushing your teeth twice a day: 

Prevents bad breath

Bad breath is caused by an accumulation of bacteria – mainly from food/drink particles that remain in your mouth throughout the day. Brushing your teeth at night ensures that pesky bacteria is swept away and leaves your mouth feeling fresh. You might ask, “if I brush my teeth at night and get all the food bacteria, why should I do it in the AM as well?”Great question, brushing our teeth in the morning ensures we brush away any food/drink we may have missed the night before and any new bacteria that accumulated during the night. It’s a great catch all to make sure that your teeth are always as healthy as possible!

Keep your teeth white and healthy!

Brushing your teeth twice a day keeps much of the stain and tartar off our smile that we tend to accumulate throughout the day. Coffee and tea are probably two of the most stain prone beverages out there. In order to continue enjoying your favorite drinks and keep your smile shining bright, make sure to brush all those stain prone germs away. 

Removes plaque and tartar

Based on the DNA of an individual’s saliva, some people tend to get more plaque and tartar buildup than others. As a rule of thumb, brushing your teeth twice a day will consistently limit the amount of plaque and tartar build up in your mouth. Even if you are prone to having it more than others, brushing your teeth will surely keep it at bay! It’s also important to keep plaque and tartar at a minimum because too much accumulation can start to impact the overall health of your teeth and gums. Most notably, it can start to break down the enamel of your teeth, making you susceptible to bacterial infections and cavities. Since we all get plaque and tartar, brushing twice a day will offer the peace of mind that we are removing as much of the yucky stuff as possible!

We hope that this blog post helped shed some light on the importance of brushing your teeth twice a day and look forward to seeing your smile shine bright for a lifetime. If you have any questions on brushing your teeth or would like to schedule an appointment with our practice, don’t hesitate to reach out! 

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