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Top 5 Myths About Going to the Dentist

When it comes to taking care of your smile, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions about dental professionals and the procedures performed. Many patients experience fear or anxiety in the days leading up to and the day of their dental appointment. Additionally, much like reading the cliff notes of a book, there are some hygiene myths that have circulated over the years in attempts to fool your dentist that you have been good about your oral health.

Let start by debunking some of the top myths about going to your friendly neighborhood dentist:

Myth: The harder you brush, the cleaner you’ll get your teeth.

The Real Deal: Brushing too hard or with too abrasive of a toothbrush (medium or firm) can actually harm your teeth by eroding some of the hard enamel that protects the inside of the tooth from cavities and decay

Myth: Flossing isn’t really necessary anymore.

The Real Deal: The recommendation to floss regularly was recently removed from the government’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans based on a lack of strong evidence for the practice. However, a lack of strong evidence doesn’t necessarily mean that flossing is not effective. In fact, flossing has been proven to remove food particles from between teeth and gums and tighten the gums around the teeth. This tightening can help teeth remain strong, in place and stop additional particles from entering crevices.

Myth: Poor brushing and flossing can be hidden by a through brushing and flossing just before your appointment.

The Real Deal:  Dentists can tell. Without regular brushing and flossing, hard tartar can form around your teeth which cannot be removed with brushing alone. Plus, you can’t reverse gum inflammation that occurs when plaque and tartar have accumulated over six months with a one-day intensive brushing session

Myth: Receiving injections in the gums will be outrageously painful.

The Real Deal: Painful gum injections are a thing of the past. Dental professionals use relaxation and distraction techniques to lessen the patient’s response toward pain. Additionally, depending on the procedure, your doctor may recommend patients to take painkillers before the procedure. Modern advances in dental technology also provide excellent alternatives to painful injection processes.

Myth: Dentists are unwilling to deal with patients that have dental phobias or anxiety towards treatment.

The Real Deal: Dentists work with many patients experiencing these exact issues. In fact, some dentists have specialized service offerings now built into their practice for this exact reason. Dental professionals are now being specifically trained in supportive patient care to address a wide variety of dental fears and phobias. Patient care is our passion. Our ability to help you feel calm and comfortable makes everyone day much easier.

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