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Signs You May Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

At Cedar Creek Family Dental, our goal is to enhance your family’s dental health in a supportive environment. That’s why we’ve put together this information on wisdom teeth, and signs that you may need yours removed. 

If you feel like you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are also known as your third set of molars. Many people get their wisdom teeth anytime during their late teen years to their early twenties. 

Wisdom teeth can be a healthy asset if properly aligned, however often times, they are misaligned. This is most commonly because the wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop, and there is little to no room left for them to come in. As a result, the teeth may position themselves horizontally or angled outward or inward. What happens when your wisdom teeth have misalignment? They can damage the adjacent teeth, nerves, or even your jawbone—leading to an entire set of other potential issues in the long-run.

Signs You May Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

There are a few signs to be on the lookout for if you think you may be experiencing issues with your wisdom teeth. 

  1. You’re experiencing pain: When your wisdom teeth are growing in, you may experience pain, irritation, or discomfort. This is a common issue when the teeth are breaking through. If the pain gets severe, you should contact your dentist. A dentist can take images to see how the teeth are growing in and create a plan with you for the future. 
  1. Your wisdom teeth are impacted: It’s possible for wisdom teeth to become impacted if they do not have the proper room for growth. As a result, the cannot develop normally. Jaw pain, bad breath, and difficult opening the mouth can all be symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth.

  2. Cysts form around your wisdom teeth: Cysts are fluid filled sacs that sit next to the teeth. An untreated cyst can completely destroy both roots and bones; they can even develop into mouth tumors.

  3. You’re experiencing difficulty when eating: Sometimes difficulty eating can be a tell-tale sign that you need your wisdom teeth removed. Food can become stuck in the gums, especially in the back of the mouth, resulting in the teeth not being cleaned well.

  4. Sinus issues are affecting your daily life: When your wisdom teeth grow incorrectly, sometimes in your upper jaw, they push into your sinuses. This puts a great deal of pressure on your sinuses. Headaches, congestion, and sinus pressure are all potential signs. 

There are other signs and symptoms to watch for as well, such as: incorrect growth, cavities, inflamed gums, and crooked teeth. The most important thing you can do is be proactive if this situation arises. Your dentist will be able to diagnose and treat wisdom teeth issues and develop a plan to get you back to pain-free and healthy. 

Think You’re Experiencing Wisdom Teeth Issues?

We would love to help you get back on the road to recovery. If you believe you’re experiencing issues with or wisdom teeth, or simply want to schedule a consultation, call us today at (470) 394-2020 to schedule an appointment.

Alternatively, you can fill out our online appointment request form and a member of our team will get back to you shortly. We can’t wait to have you as part of our Cedar Creek Family Dental family!

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