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4 Injuries That Warrant an Emergency Dental Visit

Curious what injuries warrant a visit to an emergency dentist? Below are 5 common dental related injuries that require immediate care in order for them to heal properly.

Tooth fracture

That small tooth in your mouth is also a bone, and any bone can be fractured. Common mouth injuries are always related to your teeth. These may include broken, knocked out, or a cracked tooth. In worst cases, several teeth are cracked. It can happen to anybody and anywhere. This type of injury can result from eating hard foods, sports or other ways in which you can be hit in the mouth. The crack can be severe, and even a nerve may be damaged. This is why an expert’s supervision and treatment is required immediately. 

If you have a severe cut inside your mouth

As painful as it sounds as you read it, the pain is excruciating when someone experiences it in real life as well. The tissues inside our mouth are exceptionally delicate, and if the blood is flowing continuously, you need to make sure that it stops as soon as possible. Soft tissue laceration is the process that needs to be performed in such a case. This is one of the most common traumatic dental emergencies and needs to be treated aptly. Uncontrolled bleeding can lead to shock and even deaths. So yeah, beware!

Biting your lip or tongue

The first thing that may have come into your mind must be, “yeah, me too.” Ha, ha! We all have been through it at least once. Biting your lip or tongue can result in dental emergencies if they begin to bleed. These areas are downright delicate, and biting them can be extremely painful. When your lip or tongue begin to bleed, and the bleeding is unstoppable, that is the time when you rush to an emergency dentist. You are welcome; just take care if such a condition ever occurs. 

Tooth pain 

If someone experiences persistent and acute tooth pain, then it’s the time that they need to hit the nearest dentist immediately. This may happen due to various reasons. Most common among all are tooth decay and bacterial infections. The bad news here is that they can spread very easily and thus taking help from a dentist is extremely important. They can also affect the tissues, and you wouldn’t want that for sure. Cases like these are sometimes indicative of the fact that you will require a root canal. While this can also happen due to sensitivity issues. Taking an expert’s advice is the best advice that we can give you on this. 

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